a blo-WHAT?!

Waves BDB Edition


  1. an act or instance of blow-drying and styling hair
  2. a professional hair-care service including wash, blow-dry, and style
“I was feeling pretty ‘blah’ today, so I decided to head over to Waves for a blowout pick-me-up! Now I look polished, feel refreshed and confident, and am ready to take on anything!”
SYNONYMS: bliss; beauty;, confidence; convenience; pick-me-up; quick-fix
ANTONYMS: bad (hair) day; bad (overall) day; blah

  1. a blow-dry-only salon that offers affordable luxury to women
  2. a slice of heaven in which you can receive a personalized, quick, gorgeous blowout in a fun, glamorous, luxurious environment… at a price affordable enough to make it a weekly or even daily event! Almost too good to be true!
“Waves Blow Dry Bar specializes  in blow-outs–making Waves the best place to prep for a last minute date, business dinner, night on the town, party, or everyday gorgeousness!”
SYNONYMS: paradise (at an affordable price); hair heaven


  1. a sophisticated, elegant up style, where long hair is twisted (either in a roll or knot) and pinned from the nape of neck
  2. a version of “the paris” blowout style; a type of updo

“Next time I get ‘the paris’ at Waves, I think I’m going to get a simple chignon like Audrey Heburn’s in Breakfast at Tiffany’s!”

SYNONYMS: updo; the paris; fancy; formal; hollywood hair; ‘oscars’ hair
ANTONYMS: casual; messy; out-of-place


  1. Waves BDB’s classic 5 blowout styles
  2. Includes  the Hamptons, the Ibiza, the Sahara, the Casablanca, the Vienna
  3. “Which of the classic 5 should I get at Waves today? I usually get ‘the Sahara’, but I’m looking to change it up..”
**for photos and details click here


  1. the ultimate classic blowout– loose waves with a hint of body, round brush and no hot tools
  2.  one of Waves BDB’s classic 5 styles–inspired by the elegant, timeless beauty of The Hamptons!
“Pass me my laptop–we need to make a quick appointment at Waves!.. The hamptons will be a perfect look for the black tie event next weekend!”
SYNONYMS: classy & chic; elegant; sophisticated; timeless
ANTONYMS: messy; frizzy; dull

  1. all the natural & sexy effortlessness of beach hair–without sticky, irritating sand or bothersome flyways!
  2. a perfect harmony of jostled “fresh-off-the-beach” waves and put-together polish and shine.
  3. one of Waves BDB’s classic 5 styles–inspired by  beach bums and flower-children!
“I know, I know… It seems silly to get my hair done before my hiking date.. BUT I’m getting the sahara–so he’ll think my hair is perfectly beachy and sexy without touching it! “
SYNONYMS: fresh & free-spirited; bohemian; effortless; flawless; natural
ANTONYMS: boring; calculated; predictable; straightedge; trying too hard


  1. Lots of loose, lush curls.
  2. A put-together “on vacation” look for a special occasion, or just an added dose of confidence!
  3. One of Waves BDB’s classic 5 styles–inspired by the gorgeous getaway glamor of Vienna
“I love the Vienna! I always get it when I need a little extra pampering. “
SYNONYMS: polished & plush; feminine; flirty; glamorous; put-together
ANTONYMS: average; mundane; sloppy; straight

  1. a fully “styled to order” upswept blowout hairstyle in which the client and stylist work together to create a perfect look for any occasion
  2. Waves BDB’s signature, customizable upswept hairstyle–inspired by the romantic femininity of Paris, France. (**see updo**)
The paris is super special, but sooo versatile! Claire got the paris for her sister’s wedding, Hanna got it for her winter formal, and I’m getting it this weekend when I present my dissertation.”
SYNONYMS: feminine & formal; customizable; one-of-a-kind; personal; romantic; unique; versatile
ANTONYMS: basic; dull; everyday


  1.  Straight hair, lots of shine. Guaranteed to pull any look together perfectly!
  2. Inspired by the dichotomy of the straight lines and vibrant mood of Casablanca,  it’s proof that beauty doesn’t need to be complicated.
  3. One of Waves BDB’s classic 5 styles.
SYNONYMS: simple & sleek; guaranteed gorgeousness; no-fuss; no-mess; no-worries
ANTONYM: wavy; complicated; fussy; frizzy

  1. San Antonio’s newest Blow Dry Bar (also referred to as ‘Waves BDB’, or simply ‘Waves’)–located in Stone Canyon Crossing shopping center off Stone Oak Parkway
  2. A one stop shop for blowouts–with 5 classic blowout styles, a variety of luxurious add-ons, amazing top-of-the-line Moroccanoil hair products, as well as blowout parties and special bridal packages.
  3. Professional blowouts at a price friendly enough to make salon-perfect hair an everyday option! You can come in with bed-head and leave with perfectly styled waves or curls.
“My friends and I go to Waves nearly every weekend before we go out, and we always  get compliments on our hair!”
SYNONYMS: feminine & formal; customizable; one-of-a-kind; personal; romantic; unique; versatile
ANTONYMS: basic; dull; everyday

an·updo     [an/ˈəpdo͞o]
  1. Origin: up(swept) + (hair)do— such as chignons, buns, upswept braids, bridal hairstyles, etc.
  2. a women’s hairstyle in which the hair is swept up and fastened away from the face and neck.
  3. also known as, “the paris”–the classic, customizable updo style at Waves Blow Dry Bar
” Should I get an updo, or one of Waves’ classic 5?! I’m thinking a sweeping chignon version of ‘the paris’ and my long red gown will be perfect for the party!”
SYNONYMS: the paris; chignon; bun; bride’s hair
ANTONYM: down; plain; boring


© waves blow dry bar, 2014
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